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Quality Genetics equals predictability of offspring

Twenty Years of breeding Quality Registered Texas Longhorns!


* 1998  our first longhorns arrive on the Ranch. We started out with 6 bred cows. We grew that into a herd of 125. In 2008 we sold off all but 10 top heifers and started to grow our herd again. We are currently trying to keep our numbers around 60 to 65 head.. Jackie and I work the ranch ourselves so we only have cattle that sensible people can handle. 

* We run two separate herds, each with a distinct sire. We wean the calves from one herd to the other. We also have a distinct junior herd sire under development for our next cross. We keep a 6 generation breeding profile on each longhorn which you will find under the comments tab when you look at one of our longhorns on this web site. We  hope you will find it convenient to look at all 6 generations on one PDF file.  We are working toward creating cattle that you can look back at  LEAST 6 generations and recognize quality
 & most of the names if you are a student of great breeding. 

* We were one of the first sponsors of the Horn Showcase. We sold cattle in the first Internet Longhorn sale.  We have bought and sold cattle in most of the longhorn industry’s elite sales. We are a lifetime member of TLMA. We are a TLBAA Lifetime Outrider Charter Member. We have registered our cattle at times with both TLBAA and ITLA.  We have longhorn friends all over the country.  

We hope you will enjoy looking at some of our offerings  & buying a few now and then.

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